Construction: products for construction industry.
Steel formworks for prestressed viaduct beam constructions, prestressing cables, post tensionning equipment. Solutions with geosynthetics. Geogrids, composite drainage products, wickdrains, erosion control mats are in the service of construction industry

Garden: Green slopes, artificial ponds, landsaping projects, river banks, roof garden.

Sports and Leisure : Yacht producers, football pitches drainage, golf courses pond liners, playground synthetic surfaces, prevent humidity under the beds in boats.

Industrial products: intermediates for automotive sector for the production of PU based products, spunbond polyester nonwoven enhances the efficiency and durability of both air and liquid filters, spacers for  poliurethane injections, plastic productions, cooling towers, products for the production of composites like wind turbines, spacers for composite production, (eg. fiberglass boat) and etc..

Specialising in business to business marketing and technical sales. We work as manufacturer's representatives of some well known European companies. We offer services as import-export agent, representative to clients throughout the world . We also give service as contact office or contact person to companies who need assistance in Turkish market.We speak English, and are currently representing companies from Europe. We are seeking new products and producers who are looking for agents, importers, distributors worldwide.